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MonaLisa Touch Treatment

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The FIRST to bring the cutting-edge MonaLisa Touch treatment to the Gold Coast, we’ve seen first hand, the dramatic and life-changing results it can achieve…

Do you suffer from Discomfort Down There? It could be Vaginal Atrophy!

Symptoms include dryness, burning, itchiness, urinary incontinence and pain during intercourse and can affect women of all ages.

  • Over 40 percent of menopausal and post-menopausal women are affected.
  • Younger women who have used the Pill for prolonged periods, breast-feeding mothers and women who experienced traumatic delivery and severe perineal repair and scarring may also experience symptoms.
  • Around 60 percent of breast cancer sufferers can also be affected. Hormone Replacement Therapy is not suitable for almost all of these patients meaning no effective treatment for their symptoms.


The Good News: Help is Minutes Away with the MonaLisa Touch:

The MonaLisa Touch is a ground-breaking non-surgical, non-hormonal procedure successfully treating the symptoms of atrophy in minutes. No pain, no side-effects, no down-time.

The breakthrough, minimally invasive laser procedure counteracts the effects of vaginal atrophy with a simple 5-minute treatment that stimulates collagen formation beneath the vaginal skin, promoting proliferation of the cells and restoration of vaginal wall strength and blood supply.

It’s a pain-free, walk-in walk-out procedure with significant improvements being reported by our patients after just one five minute treatment.  A course of three, five-minute treatments spaced at monthly intervals is recommended for best results.

Basically, we’re restoring the body’s natural balance and function by stimulating its own regenerative processes. We’re creating more hydrated and healthy cells and improving circulation and nutrient supply to the area and the results are life-changing
Dr Hassan

How It Works                                                    
When Results Speak For Themselves…    
What is vaginal atrophy?                          
FAQ on the MonaLisa Touch                      


How it works

The MonaLisa Touch was inspired by the Smartxide ‘DOT Therapy’ laser, a highly effective anti-ageing treatment used on delicate areas including the face, eyelids and neck to reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture.

Further advances in the technology allowed laser pulses to be tailored to a patient’s individual skin type and treatment area resulting in the innovative laser treatment specifically designed to stimulate the natural regeneration of vaginal tissue for the first time.

Drawing on knowledge learnt over many years in fields such as Dermatology and Aesthetic medicine, MonaLisa Touch stimulates fibroblast cells in the skin which stimulates collagen formation underneath, promoting proliferation of the cells and restoration of blood supply.

In as little as 30 days, there is regeneration of new tissue and the protective mucosa recovers volume, hydration and elasticity. By restoring the natural pH balance of the mucosa, and targeting the causes of atrophy; symptoms including dryness, irritation and fissuring are greatly reduced or disappear – with no side effects or discomfort.

Improvements in the structure and positioning of the vagina mean external surgical procedures such as labiaplasty and vaginaplasty may be avoided in mild to moderate cases.


When Results Speak For Themselves…

Symptoms Improvement (%) after 3 treatments

  • Burning 84%improvement
  • Itching 85% improvement
  • Dryness 76% improvement
  • Dyspareunia (painful intercourse) 72% improvement
  • Laxity 90 % improvement

(courtesy of Prof. S. Salvadore – Hospital San Raffaele, Milan (Itlay)

Women who have previously been too frustrated or embarrassed to talk about these issues are putting their hands up to openly sing the praises of this new treatment in the hope of helping other women. It’s an incredible vote of confidence and a wonderful message of hope,
Dr Hassan

The MonaLisa Touch was introduced in Australia in 2013. Over 4000 treatments have now been performed with dramatic results. The procedure offers significant advantages over current treatment options addressing the issues that cause atrophy rather than simply working on symptoms. The Mona Lisa Touch creates longer-lasting relief than current treatments and offers a new and effective option for patient groups who were previously not suitable for existing treatments.

While changes in patients are long lasting, the treatment can be repeated as required, as the natural ageing process continues. Expect complete tissue regeneration starting from the first treatment…

Most patients will feel an improvement after the first treatment with the full benefits generally achieved after three to four treatments. This is about using new technology to develop individual treatment plans tailored to individual symptoms to provide the highest level of care and the very best outcomes for patients
Dr Hassan


What is vaginal atrophy?

  • Walls of the vagina become thinner, lose natural elasticity and blood supply to the area is reduced
  • The protective mucosa can lose hydration and thickness causing a loss of lubrication
  • Changes in the natural pH balance of the internal environment have detrimental effects on function and health
  • Symptoms can be exacerbated by sexual intercourse

Among women suffering from atrophic vaginitis:

  • 75% reported that vaginal atrophy negatively impacts their lives
  • 65% failed to recognise vaginal atrophy as a chronic condition
  • 44% report that they did not consult a gynaecologist for finding a solution
  • 4% only recognized the common symptoms of vaginal atrophy

MonaLisa Touch provides an effective solution for women who have not responded to hormone replacement therapy or who are unable to use hormone treatments for a variety of reasons including breast cancer patients.

The treatment can be used as an alternate to HRT or in conjunction with existing treatments and is suitable for almost all women!

This is major health problem for women and their partners. Symptoms can be confronting and debilitating and can place a great deal of stress on relationships. It’s important for women to know there is an effective, alternative solution now available and that they feel safe in taking pro-active steps towards a better quality of life


FAQ on the MonaLisa Touch

What are the benefits of this treatment?

MonaLisa Touch allows for a functional restoration of the vagina which fights and attenuates symptoms related to the widespread problem of vaginal atrophy. Its action on factors that determine dryness, fragility and loss of mucosal elasticity means we eliminate itching, irritation and pain. Results are almost immediate and long-lasting and do not require any lifestyle changes or downtime. MonaLisa Touch can help you feel like you again!

Is it painful?

No. The sensation is most often described as a light vibration.

Is it suitable for me?

The MonaLisa Touch treatment is suitable for almost all women of all different ages including breast cancer patients. The treatment is highly recommended to woman suffering the most common symptoms of atrophy including dryness, laxity, burning, pain during sexual intercourse and mild urinary incontinence. MonaLisa Touch is ideal if you’re looking for a less invasive procedure, compared to traditional surgical or pharmaceutical treatments however, it’s important we get together to discuss your individual situation and work out what the best treatment plan will be for you.

What results can I expect?

Patients report a significant reduction in symptoms including dryness, burning sensation, pain during intercourse and urinary symptoms and a substantial improvement in their health, happiness and quality of life. Results have been seen after the first five-minute treatment with full benefits usually reached after three.

Can it be used to treat vaginal laxity?

Natural yet traumatic events, such as giving birth or tissue relaxation due to a natural ageing process can cause the diameter of the vagina in some women to increase. It’s essential we evaluate the cause and the state of the vagina to exclude a prolapse or an involvement of the muscles. MonaLisa Touch can be used to treat cases where laxity is caused by mucosal tone loss.

Are there any risks?

There are some very minimal risks involved. The treatment is performed in our Benowa clinic and most patients will resume their daily activities immediately. Temporary side effects can include slight redness or swelling or some discomfort that usually disappears quite quickly.

How many treatments will I need?

Depending on your individual situation and the severity of your symptoms, we can work out the right treatment plan for you. Generally, we recommend a series of three five-minute treatments, 40-60 days apart, followed by an annual maintenance treatment. Together we will work on the best plan to get you back on track.

How is the recovery?

In some cases, women report a very slight localised discomfort following the laser treatment and during the first few days after the session. Most however, resume their normal routine after one to three days if not immediately.

How long do the effects of the treatment last?

Results are immediate, even after the first treatment and will continue to improve over subsequent months. The regeneration process lasts 40-60 days, after which we will advise if a repeat treatment is right for you.

Are there any contraindications?

There is no exclusion criteria for MonaLisa Touch other than those related to serious local or systemic diseases. This isn’t going to be a miracle cure for everyone but for the average woman, it’s an easy process that creates fast, lasting improvements and avoids many of the hassles of existing treatment options. In general, all women who are dealing with the symptoms of vaginal atrophy will benefit greatly from this treatment.

How soon can I resume sexual activity?

We usually recommend 3 to 4 days of rest before resuming regular sexual activity but we can determine this based on your individual situation in our private consultation.


One in six Australian couples will experience difficulty in achieving pregnancy despite trying for one year.

Fertility problems are not just a female problem. About 40% of cases are due to problems with the man. 50% of cases are due to problems with the woman. And 10% of cases are due to a combination of female and male factors or unknown causes.

It is no uncommon to feel disappointed, frustrated and anxious when couples are struggling to conceive.

Dr Hassan offers a range of services to help those who are trying to have a baby without success. Medical evaluation will begin with thorough history and examination of both partners to determine the underlying reasons for infertility.

If there is no obvious reason like improperly timed intercourse, various tests may be undertaken including blood tests to assess ovulation, laparoscopy and tubal patency assessment and semen analysis.

Ongoing treatment will be dependent on test results. Treatment can be with drugs (like clomephine) to increase the egg release from the ovaries., sugary or IVF treatment.

For those who need further assistance with fertility management, Dr Hassan has a close working relationship with the team of Monash IVF based at Allamanda Hospital.

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Congratulations on your pregnancy! Pregnancy is one of life’s most wonderful and exciting journeys.

Finding balance, keeping yourself healthy and choosing an obstetrician who will guide and support you through your pregnancy is crucial to creating the best possible outcome for baby and you. As an obstetrician Dr Hassan’s aim is to support and guide you through this exciting time with compassion, caring, a non-judgemental and professional approach, while providing a personalized service to suit your needs and desires. She will create a personal care plan in order to achieve the best outcomes for you and ensure safe delivery for your baby.

As a mother myself going through the experience of pregnancy, childbirth and caring for my new born, I understand the challenges parents face. It is a unique experience for women and their families whether it is a first baby or third baby. It is my absolute privilege to be part of this exciting time in your life.

Dr Suhad Hassan provide the following obstetric service:

  • Pre-pregnancy counselling and assessment
  • Management of early pregnancy complications
  • Routine antenatal care: including bedside ultrasound scans
  • Management of high risk pregnancies (eg. gestational diabetes, hypertension, pre-eclampsia, twins)
  • Pre-existing medical conditions in pregnancy
  • Normal and instrumental vaginal delivery (vacuum and forecloses deliveries)
  • Vaginal birth after Cesarean section (VBAC)
  • Post natal care

Contact Us: Please call my room on 5597 6887 or use our contact form.

You need a referral from your GP for your first appointment. If an urgent appointment is required please explain the nature of it to the receptionist and we will endeavor to fit you in at the next available urgent appointment.

Your First Consultation

Our recommendations for pregnant women is to make your first appointment between 8 and 10 weeks gestation, or earlier if their are any concerns.

Dr Suhad Hassan will thoroughly review your medical and family history, and previous pregnancies to recognise any risks in pregnancy. She will conduct ultrasound to confirm your due dates.

A number of routine blood tests are performed during pregnancy. These include bloody group, hepatitis, syphilis and rubella immunity. An ultrasound scan will be performed at most of your visits.

We will discuss your specific wishes and requirements enabling you to be provided with the personal care you desire and achieve the preferred approach to pregnancy, labour and delivery in a supportive and non-judgmental way.

Frequency of Antenatal Visits

In most cases Dr Hassan will see you every four weeks until 28 weeks. Then every 2 weeks until 36 weeks and then weekly until the birth of your baby.

However in emergency you may contact the practice to organise an urgent visit to ensure the well-being of you and you baby.

Antenatal Ultrasound

First Trimester Down Syndrome Screening

Between 11.5-13.5 weeks a Nuchal Translucency Scan is performed at a private radiology practice. It assesses Down Syndrome risk by combining an ultrasound of the thickness of a baby’s neck, mother’s blood test and maternal age. It provides a statistical risk factor not a Yes or Now result.

Morphology Ultrasound

Morphology scan at 19-20 weeks is to check baby’s organs are normal and enables us to view where the placenta is positioned.

Other Tests

Initial Antenatal Screening

Full blood count, blood group, rubella and hepatitis screening.

Glucose Challenge Test

You will be given a request form for a Glucose Challenge Test (GCT) at 28 weeks gestation and the result will be ready normally 48 hours later. GCT is a screening test for gestational diabetes, which happens in 5-8% of pregnant women. If your GCT is positive you will be asked to return for a confirmation Oral Glucose Tolerant Test (OGTT). A negative test is reassuring. If the OGTT is positive your pregnancy will need additional care and your will be referred to the Diabetic Clinic for further medical advice.

Labour and Delivery Management

As an obstetrician, I trained to act in the best interests of both mother and baby to achieve healthy outcomes. Additionally, as far as possible I will accommodate your wishes for labour so that as well as joy at the outcome you may feel satisfaction with the steps that led you there.

Feel free to bring along your partner / husband or any close friend or relative likely to play a supporting role during your pregnancy.

At this visit Dr Hassan and yourself will discuss your specific wishes and requirements enabling you to be provided with the care you desire. We explore your past medical family history and previous pregnancies to recognize any risks in pregnancy. In normal pregnancy a number of routine blood tests are performed. These include rubella immunity and blood group. We will perform ultrasound scan in this visit and in most of your visit at the practice.

Labour & Delivery Management

As an obstetrician Dr Hassan trained to act in the best interests of both mother and baby to achieve healthy outcomes. Additionally, as far as possible she will accommodate your wishes for labour so that as well as joy at the outcome you may feel satisfaction with the steps that led you there.

Postnatal Consultation

A postnatal consultation is scheduled for 6 weeks following teh bith of your baby. This provides an opportunity to discuss your health, both physical and emotional, since the birth. Your contraceptive needs will be addressed and, if due, a pap smear will be done.

On Call Arrangements

Dr Hassan works independently and she is on call for her patients during week days. In order to minimize fatigue and ensure that you always receive the highest quality of care, Dr Hassan chooses to share the weekend On Call Roster with three other obstetricians but endeavors to attend the delivery of your baby

All these doctors have equal qualifications and the cover arrangement works well.

Any leave for holidays and conferences will also be covered by the above doctors.

For emergencies after hours please phone Pindara Private Hospital on 07 5588 9888 and talk to Maternity.

Fees and Billing

We have EFTPOS facilities and we accept cash, most major credit cars and cheques for payment. Full payment is appreciated at the time of your visit.

All visits to our practice are out-patient services and therefore refundable in part by Medicare only. Medicare refunds will vary depending on how your family is currently positioned relative to the Medicare Safety Net threshold.

We have facilities onsite for online medicare claiming if you are registered for this, which means your medicare rebate will be refunded automatically to your nominated bank account.

Please contact Dr Hassan’s consulting room on 07 5597 6887 for fee schedule or email at

Obstetrics Fee

Dr Hassan participates in “No Gap” schemes with most private health funds. Which means you have  no out of pocket expenses related to your delivery regardless whether vaginal or Caesarean. If eligible, your account for all in-hospital obstetrics services incurred will be forwarded directly to your private health fund. As such, there will be no out of pock expenses.

It is important that you ensure your health fun covers you for obstetric services in a private hospital at the time you are due to deliver and that you have a “No Gap” cover.

Any ultrasounds performed at the practice do not incur an extra charge.

Pregnancy Management Fees

The Pregnancy Management Fee is a fee charged by all obstetricians for the management of pregnancy progressing past 20 weeks. It reimburses the obstetrician the cost of being on call 24 hours a day, to cover medical insurance planning for delivery, corresponding, and organizing other healthcare professionals and to coordinate your care. A certain amount of the fee can be reimbursed by Medicare and some private health funds may reimburse you a percentage of this fee. You may check with you health fun.

The Medicare safety net was introduced to ensure Australians are protected against very large medical bills. It means that once you reach your Medicare Safety Net threshold, visits to your doctor and medical test will end up costing your less. Safety net accrual commences in January each year and once the threshold is reached Medicare will pay 80% of your out-of-hospital out-of-pocket medical costs. (There are limits on some obstetric services.) In order to claim this benefit, couples and families must be registered with Medicare. To register for the Medicare Safety Net telephone 132 011 or visit

No Private Health Insurance

Dr Hassan is happy to see uninsured patients with the option of delivering in a private hospital.

Other Expenses

During the course of your pregnancy and delivery the following services may incur additional charges:

  • Blood tests
  • Ultrasounds
  • Pediatricians will attend your baby at delivery if needed or following delivery
  • Anesthetist (if epidural or Caesarean section)

For these services, accounts will be issued individually by the firms or practitioners involved. Where possible we will provide you in advance with their contact details so that you may obtain quotations.

Obstetric Links

Futher infomation can be found on the following websites. Always keep in mind that all information may be subject to some bias. Please ask us if you have any queries.


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Women’s Health and Gynaecological Surgery

Gynaecological problems are common in women’s health and vary as we proceed through our lives. Sometimes women feel embarrassed and find it difficult to discuss these issues. Dr Hassan, being a female gynaecologist, understands how sensitive thesw issues can be. She provides caring and open forum to ensure your health issues are being fully discussed in a sensitive manner.

Dr Hassan provides services in the folliwing areas:

  • Treatment of abnormal pap smears
  • Menstrual Disorders
    • Heavy periods and irregular cycles
    • Menstrual pain
    • Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
  • Contraception needs
  • Endometriosis treatment
  • Fibroid Uterus
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Pelvic pain
  • Management of menopausal symnptoms
  • Utero-vaginal prolapse
  • Urinary incontinence (conservative and surgical management)
  • Vaginal and vulval disorders
Gynaecology Fees

This fee varies depending on type of procedure and complexity of the surgery.   Medicare or your Private Health Funds will cover some portion of the operation fess which mean you will have some out of pocket expenses.

Dr Hassan will provide you with an estimation of cost involved based on the type of operation you require.  Full fees payment is required prior to planned operation date.

Gynaecologic Links


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