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One in six Australian couples will experience difficulty in achieving pregnancy despite trying for one year.

Fertility problems are not just a female problem. About 40% of cases are due to problems with the man. 50% of cases are due to problems with the woman. And 10% of cases are due to a combination of female and male factors or unknown causes.

It is no uncommon to feel disappointed, frustrated and anxious when couples are struggling to conceive.

Dr Hassan offers a range of services to help those who are trying to have a baby without success. Medical evaluation will begin with thorough history and examination of both partners to determine the underlying reasons for infertility.

If there is no obvious reason like improperly timed intercourse, various tests may be undertaken including blood tests to assess ovulation, laparoscopy and tubal patency assessment and semen analysis.

Ongoing treatment will be dependent on test results. Treatment can be with drugs (like clomephine) to increase the egg release from the ovaries., sugary or IVF treatment.

For those who need further assistance with fertility management, Dr Hassan has a close working relationship with the team of Monash IVF based at Allamanda Hospital.

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